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Find Lamp House 35 Mm Projector

Looking for lamp house 35 mm projector? We feature a wide selection of lamp house 35 mm projector and related items. Shop now! Lamp House 35 Mm Projector at eBay.com.

Vintage Zeiss Vertical

Vintage Zeiss Vertical Lamp House For 35mm/70mm Film Projector From Expo 67


Orc M 6000

Orc M 6000 Lamp House Reflector 2000 To 4000 Watt Xenon For 35 Mm Film Projector


Kneisley Lamp House

Kneisley Lamp House Reflector For 35mm And 70mm Film Projector Glass For Xenex 1


New Bausch

New Bausch & Lomb Lamp House Reflector For Holmes 35mm Projector Rare