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Flask Willington

Flask Willington Glass Co. Eagle Scarce Quart Size With Open Pontil


Open Pontil Granite

Open Pontil Granite Glass Co Stoddard Nh Glass Flask


Flask Willington Glass

Flask Willington Glass Co. Liberty Eagle Pint With Open Pontil


Willington Glass

Willington Glass Co. Liberty Eagle Pint Open Pontil Flask


Antique Willington Glass

Antique Willington Glass Co. Liberty Eagle Half Pint Open Pontil Flask


Antique Willington Glass

Antique Willington Glass Co. Liberty Eagle Open Pontil Pint Size Flask


Lowell Railroad Half

Lowell Railroad Half Pint Historical Flask Olive Amber Gv-10 Open Pontil


Early Chestnut Flask

Early Chestnut Flask In Pale Olive Green - Crudely Formed With Pontil Hand Blown


Rare Clean Antique

Rare Clean Antique Whiskey Glass. Aqua Pint Flask Bottle Open Pontil


Antique Double Eagle

Antique Double Eagle Broken Pontil Olive Amber 1/2 Pint Historical Flask Bottle


Antique Hand Blown

Antique Hand Blown Green Glass Bottle Pontil Bubbles Large Whiskey Wine Flask


Antique Blown In

Antique Blown In Mold Olive Amber Glass Flask Cornucopia Basket Bottle W/pontil


Antique Gemel Tear

Antique Gemel Tear Drop Flask In Teal Green - Pontil - Applied Ruffles 19th C


Antique Historical Flask

Antique Historical Flask Eagle & Cornucopia Open Pontil Pint Size


1820s Open Pontil

1820s Open Pontil Sunburst 1/2 Pint Historical Whiskey Flask Gviii-25 Baltimore


Antique 1800s American

Antique 1800s American Blown Open Pontil Medium Green Chestnut Flask 6 3/4''


Antique 19th C.

Antique 19th C. Hand Blown Dark Amber Chestnut Flask Bottle Open Pontil Scar


Large 19th C

Large 19th C Open Pontil Amber Glass Bottle / Flask W/ Applied Handle Whiskey


Hand Blown In

Hand Blown In Mold Glass Calabash Whiskey Bottle Flask Kossuth Tree W/pontil


Stoddard Nh Double

Stoddard Nh Double Eagle Flask 1/2 Pint Open Pontil Olive Green / Amber


Antique Hunter Fisherman

Antique Hunter Fisherman Calabash Flask W/ Reversed Right Facing Figures Pontil


Pitkin Flask, 5

Pitkin Flask, 5 1/2 Grass Green, Pattern Blown, Half Post, Pontil


+extr. Rare+ Antique

+extr. Rare+ Antique Flask / Bottle + Optical Blown + Lion With Pontil C1850


Antique Historical. Calabash

Antique Historical. Calabash Flask Union A R S Hand Shake & Eagle Open Pontil


Antique Applied Top

Antique Applied Top Swirl Calabash Whiskey Glass Bottle Flask W/pontil 32 Ribs


Early Shaded Medium

Early Shaded Medium Blue Berry Embossed Flask Sheared Lip & Pontil


Open Pontil 1850s

Open Pontil 1850s Original Washington Taylor Bust Historical Flask Quart Nice


Jenny Lind Calabash

Jenny Lind Calabash Whiskey Fislerville Glass Works Antique Bottle Flask Pontil


Very Nice Oval

Very Nice Oval Handle Free Blown Pontil Flask - 1850's Period


19th-century Olive Glass

19th-century Olive Glass Spirit Flask Tin Lid Decoration Iron Pontil


Open Pontil 1850s

Open Pontil 1850s Pint Scroll Whiskey Flask With Emb Stars Green Streak On Front


Antique Union -

Antique Union - Clasped Hands - Eagle Ars Calabash Flask - Open Pontil


Open Pontil 1850s

Open Pontil 1850s Chestnut Whiskey Flask With Drippy Applied Handle Shiny Nice


1850’s Open Pontil

1850’s Open Pontil Sheath Of Wheat Calabash Flask Peened Out Mfg


Aqua Open Pontil

Aqua Open Pontil Large Midwestern Style Chestnut Flask 9.75 Inches Tall


Antique Old Snap

Antique Old Snap Off Pontil Large Double Pourer Bottle Flask Blue Glass


Early Success To

Early Success To The Railroad Historical Glass Pontil Flask 1800s Damage


Early 19th C.

Early 19th C. Free Blown Green Glass Whiskey Flask With Open Pontil


Antique Signed Made

Antique Signed Made In Austria Hand Painted Enamel Glass Bottle Flask , Pontil


Rough & Ready

Rough & Ready Major Ringgold 1840s Open Pontil Historical Flask As Is Ground Lip


+extr. Rare+ German

+extr. Rare+ German Flask / Bottle / Half Post Method / Picture / Pontil C1870


Antique Old Hand

Antique Old Hand Blown Amber Brown Glass Bottle Decanter Flask Vase Pontil Scar


Vintage Free Blown

Vintage Free Blown Pontil Art Clear Glass Flask Tear Drop Form


Pairpoint Teal Blue

Pairpoint Teal Blue Glass Flask, Bottle Vase Crosshatch Quilted Design, Pontil


Open Pontil Crude

Open Pontil Crude Pattern Mold Blown Repro Chestnut Flask Signed Hfv Real Nice


Small Calabash Flask

Small Calabash Flask With Basketweave Embossing, With Pontil, Applied Ring Lip


Open Pontil Green

Open Pontil Green Crude Diamond Pattern Mold Blown Flask Mid Century Repro


Very Pretty Sharp

Very Pretty Sharp Pontil Flask Circa 1750 Rare



Pairpoint Amethyst Glass Flask Bottle Blown Pontil Signed


Cobalt Ribbed Modern

Cobalt Ribbed Modern Repro Flask Hand Blown Open Pontil Signed Hv Eoc


Nice Dark Purple

Nice Dark Purple Colored Pattern Flask 1/2 Pint Reproduction Pontil Clean [email protected]@k


Nice Aqua Pattern

Nice Aqua Pattern Flask With Wide Mouth 1/2 Pint Reproduction Pontil Clean [email protected]@k


Nice Cobalt Blue

Nice Cobalt Blue Colored Pattern Flask 1/2 Pint Reproduction Pontil Clean [email protected]@k


Open Pontil Teal

Open Pontil Teal Blue Ribbed Flask 1960s Mma Metropolitan Museum Art


Cornflower Blue Reproduction

Cornflower Blue Reproduction Swirled Mold Blown Flask Open Pontil Signed Ep


Scroll Flask Deep

Scroll Flask Deep Amethyst, Hand Blown - Antique Rough Pontil Rare Htf


Clevenger Bros

Clevenger Bros Dark Amethyst Eagle & Cornucopia Ribbed Flask Rough Pontil


Pairpoint 5-1/2 Amethyst

Pairpoint 5-1/2 Amethyst Purple Blown Ribbed Glass Flask Signed Mma Open Pontil


Vintage Amethyst Glass

Vintage Amethyst Glass Stiegel Type Repro Flask Bottle 5 3/8 Pontil Mma Excl


Vintage Flask Style

Vintage Flask Style Glass Liquor Bottle Southwest Desert Polished Pontil Unique


Giii-10 Half-pint, Cornucopia

Giii-10 Half-pint, Cornucopia And Urn Flask, With Stem & Leaves, Open Pontil


Gix-11 Beautiful Scroll

Gix-11 Beautiful Scroll Flask, Sheared Polished Lip, Open Pontil, Damaged Top


Nice Olive Green

Nice Olive Green 5 1/4 Open Pontil Swirled Flask/bottle


Hand Blown Amethyst

Hand Blown Amethyst Swirl Glass Flask Apothecary Bottle Pontil Signed 6 Tall


Atq 1800's Purple-amethyst

Atq 1800's Purple-amethyst Whiskey Flask Bottle Half Pink Pontil Gorgeous


Blown Pontil F

Blown Pontil F O H B C 1969 1994 Flask Bottle